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Ekua is here to help
you leverage LinkedIn for profit, abundance, and success...

Book a call if you want help with your Linkedin, creative content and career coaching strategy for your brand to help you improve awareness the right way. 

Ekua Cant has been using LinkedIn for 4.5 years as a business owner consistently 5 days a week and she is the Top Voice in Job Search and Career Advice. She has studied from the LinkedIn Experts and continue to do so, so that you don’t have to.


She knows the challenges you face as a business owner on LinkedIn because she has faced them herself and know the simple practical actions to take to get you from crickets to higher engagement and inbound leads with a friendly and supportive guide.


Ekua has designed training, taught, advised and mentored early-stage startup owners, business owners and ambitious and action-taking people through a range of insightful and practical events, workshops and masterclasses.


She is known as the LinkedIn Cheerleader, known for her high-energy and positive attitude, practical approach to business and ability to solve problems and identify solutions that turn business problems into ideas, cash and innovations.


Outside of work, Ekua loves to bake, travel, dance and read motivational self-help books.

We have found the best

business advisors to help you when

you need it the most!



Ekua will help you to:

  • LinkedIn Coaching

  • Development & Launching of Workshops

  • Mindset and Personal Development for Business Growth

  • Succeeding at Failure as a Business Owner

  • Developing a Testing Mindset as a Business Owner

  • Idea exploration and validation


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Your Linkedin &

If you need help to leverage LinkedIn for financial success and career coaching, Ekua is here to support your. Check out her testimonials below!

Learn more about Ekua's experience, how she can help you and the sessions she has available...




Business Strategy/Problem Solving/Growth Strategies

£395.00 per session


During this 1.5-hour strategic session with Ekua, you may choose ONE of the following topics to discuss during your session.


Ekua can help you with:

  • Idea/Product/Service development;

  •  LinkedIn Growth strategies;

  • Problem-Solving on LinkedIn Strategy

  • A business topic of your choice


One area of focus is covered per 1.5hour booking and you will leave each session with:

  • A simple action plan to implement;

  • Tools and resources to keep you on track after each session.






LinkedIn Glow up - Profile Optimisation

£450.00 per session


During these three hours consultations you will have the chance to ask Ekua's expert advice on any area you are struggling with, when it comes to Linkedin and career coaching. Ekua's aim is to help you leverage LinkedIn for financial success, so that you can have the confidence to build an engaging brand, and grow your following. The session will be conducted on Zoom meeting, and you can expect to leave with a simple action plan with recommendations and tools.

During a 3-hours Session, Ekua will take you through her unique profile optimisation methodology:

  • You will create your own LinkedIn Mission Statement

  • You will learn her Allstar Profile Optimisation Method

  • You will be come away with an action plan to implement

  • Tools and resources to support your action


VIP Allstar Plus LinkedIn Coaching Programme




Allstar Profile Plus Core = 3 Months commitment


Focused on my LinkedIn Principles which make up my LinkedIn Success Method:

  • LinkedIn Mindset

  • Allstar Plus Profile

  • Content

  • LinkedIn Success Behaviors

LinkedIn Success Pillars:


Your LinkedIn Mindset: LinkedIn is never won and done. Adopting this mindset and putting into practice a testing mindset and what this means for you in practice.

Your Allstar Plus Profile: Setting up your LinkedIn profile so that it is working for you and understanding what you will need to continue to iterate on will set you up for LinkedIn success.


Your Content: Your Content isn’t about You! And at the same time it is about you, and understanding how to share content that resonates with your target audience and “plays the LinkedIn game” is something you will learn.


Your LinkedIn Success Behaviors: LinkedIn is a social platform and it has written and unwritten rules. You will learn how to use LinkedIn in a way that is authentic and makes LinkedIn love you back!


Access to content: You will get access to my LinkedIn resources, events and templates.


Coaching: 1-2-1 LinkedIn Coaching per month, with follow-up support in between sessions via email or LinkedIn DM, including feedback on posts and profile updates.


3 Months Coaching


Coaching = 2 hours per month


All programmes have an upfront 20% deposit to secure your place.


All programmes will require you to submit an intake form and agree to the coaching contract.





James Mercer, Director at Social Misfits Media


Ashwin Bolar, Social Media Manager at Symphony Talent

Business Advisors - Ekua Cant_edited.jpg



If you want to have a quick chat with Ekua about how she can help your business and the different packages she has available, arrange a free call today.

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