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Membership is the best way to get the most out of your business, as it gives you access to exclusive opportunities to bolster your business strategy in areas that you actually need it.

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Members will benefit from access to exclusive skills-based webinar tutorials, online workbooks and newsletter round-ups covering the following topics to support your transition from turning your side hustle into your main source of income: 

1. Marketing

Week 1: Giving your customer what they want 
Week 2: 5p away from a sale
Week 3: 3-Steps closer to Marketing success
Week 4: Tried and tested Marketing strategies

2. Branding

Week 1: Who is your brand?
Week 2: Brand strategy 101
Week 3: Look alive!
Week 4: Own your s***

3. Sales and selling

Week 1: You sell WHAT??!! 
Week 2: Where yo’ customers at hun?
Week 3: Selling ice to Eskimos
Week 4: Customer Stress?

4.Social Media

Week 1: Instagram V Facebook
Week 2: Social Media Cheat Sheet
Week 3: You have a new follower!
Week 4: Epic Fail

5. Product experiences

Week 1: What your customer wants
Week 2: Features V Benefits
Week 3: Product party!
Week 4: Made a sale, now what?

6. Campaigns

Week 1: Defining your campaign objectives 
Week 2: Building an effective campaign strategy
Week 3: 10 In 2 Out
Week 4: Click bait

7. PR

Week 1: WTF is PR
Week 2: Tell your story shawty!
Week 3: Free Publicity
Week 4: Make them look

8. Collaborations and partnerships

Week 1: What’s my problem?
Week 2: Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Week 3: Will you marry me?
Week 4: Sign on the dotted line

9. Sponsorship

Week 1: A seat at the table (Focus on value proposition)
Week 2: Why you? (Focus on What sponsor want to know)
Week 3: It’s all in the offer (Focus on sponsorship offering)
Week 4:Finding sponsors

10. Accounting and Tax

Week 1: Mastering your Cash-flow
Week 2: Tax returns 101
Week 3: Free financial advice
Week 4: Finding an accountant 

11. Investment

Week 1: Different types of Investment
Week 2: Are you investment ready?
Week 3: What investors look for
Week 4: Finding an investor

12. Pitching

Week 1: Telling your story
Week 2: Structuring your pitch
Week 3: Overcoming fear and anxiety
Week 4: Pitch practice 

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As a member you will get:


- free access to a business banking platform, focused on supporting independent business owners.

- exclusive access to monthly, focused training which will show you how to level up. 

- exclusive access to a members only Facebook resource and discussion group.

- training to turn your passion or hobby, into a business-ready entity. 

- access to influential business leaders, social entrepreneurs and advisors for advice and support.