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Marta is here to help you with Social Enterprise and Charity support...

Book a call if you want to gain clarity about the why and how in your business

Marta has worked across multiple, private and public sector organizations, including social enterprises and charities, in a variety of roles, from Trade Manager for Fairtrade company to Programme Manager of a multimillion, multiyear delivery. 20 years of wide experience across all sectors equipped her with invaluable skills and insight into the world of leadership and business. 


Eight years of Project management of all aspects of the £25 million + worth of learning programmes and grants, has given Marta a breadth of skills, including management of large-scale grants, assessment, recruitment, programme delivery to third sector organizations, social impact, business acumen.. Marta has an excellent eye for detail but is also able to see the bigger picture. And can help you see the proverbial wood for the trees.


More recently Marta had been the ILM endorsed Action learning and learning facilitator in the past 5 years and has led multiple leaders through past years through some of the most difficult times in business, specializing in third-sector leadership. Marta has helped multiple business owners with grant applications, and a variety of business issues, like legal structures, mission, vision, and business plans.

If you looking for a gentle coaching approach, to dig deeper and find out what you really need, her advisory services might be for you.

We have found the best

business advisors to help you when

you need it the most!



  • Choosing the legal structure that will best serve your social enterprise;

  • How to go about Social Enterprises-steps in the process that include the business plan, choosing your perfect customer;

  • Project management of any project or programme;

  • Social enterprise versus Charity and financial growth, scaling your organisation; and

  • Expertise at looking and advising in funding applications.


Your Social Enterprise and Charity support Advisor

An expert in Social Enterprise and Charity support providing business leaders with her expertise on grant applications, variety of business issues like legal structures, mission and vision, and business plans. Marta is dedicated to enabling business owners like you to be profitable and viable! Check out her testimonials below!

Learn more about Marta's experience, how she can help, and the sessions she has available...




£85.00 per session


During a 1-hour session with H&H Advisor Marta, you can expect to leave with:

1. Bespoke plan and clarity on why they should or shouldn't consider Social Enterprise and or Charity for their legal structure.

2. Step-by-step guide on what to consider when thinking of what legal structure to have when it comes to best serving their mission, vision and growth.

3. Social Mission clarified and steps to take to have wider mission/ vision sorted.

4. Coaching skills and asking open questions, you will be gently challenged.


£170.00 per session


During a 2-hour session with H&H Advisor Marta, you can expect to leave with:



Marta was so clear, genuine, direct and honestly made things feel so simple. Honestly worth every second!

Rasheed Bryan / Let's Coalesce

Sharing my thoughts with Marta, having a listening ear, learning more about the support that's available through the service, acknowledging that I have to push myself to move on to the next stage of progress my business idea is what I really found helpful in our session.

Judy Ferguson / Insearchoflb

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