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Dorrette is here to help

you with personal development...

Book a call if you want to transform your mindset, feel more confident and want help with goal-setting as a business owner in order to achieve success the right way. 

In 2019, Dorrette started her life coaching business and began offering one-to-one coaching and a workshop called‘Reconnecting and Beyond’. This workshop was all about helping women peel back the layers and to ask themselves important questions like: What matters to you right?  When was the last time you took the time to look after yourself?  The workshop was a hit, and soon, her business started to grow through recommendation and social media. Dorrette's coaching is centred around mindfulness, which she believes is the mother of all change. Dorrette encourages her clients to be present in the moment and to focus on the here and now. By being mindful, her clients are better able to manage stress, anxiety, set clear boundaries, rebuild confidence, and define goals to develop a more positive mindset. Using the Mindfulness Creates Change method,  Dorrette guides and equips her clients with information and tools to unlock potential, and move towards their desired outcomes.


Dorrette is known for being happy, and her positive energy is infectious. Dorrette's motto is "Mindfulness Creates Change", a phrase that is known amongst her clients and supporters to encourages the importance of mindfulness wellbeing to impact positive changes  to pursue your dreams.

We have found the best

business advisors to help you when

you need it the most!



Dorrette will help you to:

  • Overcoming sabotaging beliefs;

  • Rebuilding confidence; 

  • Goal settings;

  • Mindset; 

  • Reconnecting with Self.



Your Business

Mindset Advisor

If you need help to be more confident, understand how to set realistic goals, and overcome sabotaging beliefs, Dorrette is here to help. Check out her testimonials below!

Learn more about Dorrettes' experience, how she can help you and the sessions she has available...




£85.00 per session


During a 1-hour session with me you can expect to leave with gaining clarity on  your why and how knowing this shows up in your behaviour, to  impact their WHY,  and prevents you from taking daily actions, recognizing procrastination blocks etc, clients will receive a 30 minute aftercare call after their sessions


£170.00 per session


During a 2-hour session with me you can expect to leave with a clear understanding of  how mindset impacts their overall life,  develop a routine that will support their life changes as part of their journey.  learning practical hack to develop and maintain positive habits.  Clients will receive addition 30 minute aftercare call two weeks after session/s ended


£782.00 for a 5-day package



During a Reconnecting and Beyond session you would expect to peel back layers to reconnect with you as a person, not the titles you hold but you as an individual. Often women become their titles, what they do on a daily basis and overtime erode away who they are. They  no longer recognise who they are, the things that brought them joy or even what no longer brings them happiness. Their life experiences are somehow no longer a priority. My role is to support the journey of reconnecting clients with self and all the wonderful life experiences to be had by understanding their WHY.  During this session I start with simply asking  “Who are you?”. In the first section of the workbook designed specifically for this session, clients will work through this and build a road map to reconnect while carving out space for themselves to have more life experiences that makes them happy. 

You will experience five impactful days with myself Coach Dorrette Harris, guiding you through an inner journey of self to pivot change firstly, that will move you towards impactful transformation in a cohesive and engaging manner. I will support you, by helping you to peel back those layers to get to that inner core and enable you to start the process of taking you from where you are to where you want and deserve to be.  The end result will be rewiring your mindset to reclaim your true self, developing your confidence in taking steps going forward to chart your life experiences.

Clients will receive an hour follow up aftercare three weeks after their last session


"I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop.This is  day 4 but I can only describe that my mind has started to feel free!! Like infinite possibilities are open to me.its like a cloud has lifted and im seeing me for the first time. I knew something was changing when i fired off a few emails today without worrying beforehand what the response would be. So thank you, I've put my cape on with a big S on my chest”


“Workshop...intimate, safe, relatable, insightful, enlightening, thought-provoking, empowering.. Dorrette shares her growth experiences which are reassuring, humbling, and therefore make one feel safe, and in the company of someone who has done the work. She’s real, accessible, honest and a great communicator. 

Coaching, mentoring and one-to-one, with CDH you do the work at our pace, however, clear expectations are set. I would say anyone working with Dorrette needs to be ready for truths, as she challenges you to genuinely ask yourself core questions to make the changes that are necessary for the progress you want to achieve. Her feedback instructions are straight, clear and intentional. She celebrates your achievements with you, motivates you when you can't see your own progress. One one of the best cheerleaders you can have on your side!!! CDH communicates on a level that is understandable and not flourished with unnecessary jargons to make you feel inadequate or inferior. Her energy is pure and infectious and her own journey is inspiring” 


Nadia Lewis /NadiaStyleFix

CDH 2021 JAN Shoot32.jpg



If you want to have a quick chat with Dorrette about how she can help your business and the different packages she has available, arrange a free call today.

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