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Emma is here to help you with Community and Audience building...

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Emma Lang is the Hustle+Heels community and audience building specialist, the founder of SOTA Marketplace, and the former Head of Relations at Adoreum Partners. 

Emma is the founder of the disruptive, online art gallery SOTA Marketplace. SOTA is a platform built to empower artists and democratise the art industry. The company has been featured in Aesthetica Magazine, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, and held its first exhibition and auction at Sotheby’s last year. Formerly, she was the Head of Relations at Adoreum, a business development community. She was responsible for building the membership, accelerating members’ businesses, supporting fundraising and running the Charity division. 

In parallel to running her art-tech business, Emma works with start-ups, entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand who their audience is whether this be customers, potential clients, subscribers, service providers or even social media followers, and grow this community. Emma has worked with Hustle + Heels itself to build out their membership programme. 

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  • How to establish who your target audience is

  • How to build and grow this community

  • How to maximise audience engagement

  • How to achieve ROI on marketing investment

  • How to build and maintain your professional network


Your Community and Audience Building Advisor

Expert in the business development and networking, providing business leaders with solutions from many perspectives and experiences. Emma is dedicated to enabling business owners like you to be profitable and viable! Check out her testimonials below!

Learn more about Emma's experience, how she can help and the sessions they have available...




£65.00 per session


During a 1-hour session with H+H Advisor Emma, you can expect to leave with:

1.  An understanding of who your target audience is.


2. Tips to achieve community engagement.


3. A plan on how to build and maintain your network. 


£125.00 per session


During a 2-hour session with H+H Advisor Emma, you can expect to leave with:

1. A rigorous understanding of who your target audience is with an audience segmentation exercise.


2. Up to and not limited to four ideas to build and grow your community.


3. A plan to achieve ROI on your marketing investment.


4. An in-depth look at how to build and maintain your network



Emma’s sensitive, inquisitive and generous nature is a unique and powerful combination. She has been invaluable in helping me to connect and build relationships with people who have shared visions, goals and objectives. Without trusted partners and connections any business cannot flourish and Emma has been integral in shaping this aspect of mine. Forever grateful.

Founder, The Loved Object

Emma has helped significantly with social media strategy and tips, increasing our engagement, especially across Instagram.

 Marketing Manager at Baluu and MasterPeace Studios

I have worked with Emma across various different aspects of her professional life, both in her involvement with Adoreum, but also with her business - SOTA. Emma is confident, personable, and strategic, she follows through on every project and agenda with mastery and kindness. Her role as Head of Relations at Adoreum has placed her in a face paced position, dealing with members and events on a daily basis, this she has done with grace and decorum. Emma has specifically assisted me in tripling my business over these last 3 years, introducing me to key contacts whilst also providing strategic ideas and plans that are achievable and within my grasp. Emma has become a life long friend, and someone who I can trust implicitly in all aspects of my business development.

Founder & Director, The Grace Agency 

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