Get paid to host events for the Hustle & Heels Community

Propose your event idea using the form below and if it is something we think the community will benefit from we will pay you to host and deliver it.*

PLEASE NOTE: Session delivery is subject to the approval of a suitable presentation deck.
The session should be booked at least 6 to 8 weeks before the delivery date.

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PLEASE NOTE: Hustle & Heels will facilitate the setup and marketing of up to 20 events per 12 month period and will pay the host of each event a fee per event hosted. If the event host would like to charge an entry fee for the events, Hustle & Heels will pay the host the fee plus 50% of all tickets sales generated from the event.

Hustle & Heels will accept multiple event proposals or repeat event proposals from the same person, providing previous events went well, there was a good turn out and the feedback was positive. Please contact hello@hhll.co.uk with any further questions.