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The Greater London Authority (GLA)

Learn more about our past and present Hustle+Heels programmes designed and delivered for The Greater London Authority (GLA) business communities. 

Our Services

Turnpike Lane Programme

A three month pilot programme of support for independent retail, hospitality and service businesses based on Turnpike Lane. A target of supporting 10 businesses with 121 support was successfully achieved back in 2019. The support was delivered instore and support with and action plan. 


A twelve month COVID-Recovery Business support Programme support High Street businesses in Muswell Hill, Stroud Green and Bounds Green to reopen and build-back post-pandemic. Launched in 2020, fifty-two businesses received 121 support completing the programme with tailored step-by-step action plans.

Haringey Business Support Programme 1

A 2.5year programme designed for High Street and Industrial businesses in Tottenham, Wood Green and Greens Lanes that launched in November 2021. 250 businesses and startups successfully completed the programme 6 months ahead of schedule. 35 jobs have been created so far and 70 safeguarded. 

Haringey Business Support Programme 2

Due to the success and popularity of HBSP1, Haringey Council commissioned and 1.5 year extension to ensure Businesses Boroughwide and access the support. From November 2023 an additional 90 startup, small and growth-potential businesses will be targeted for support until 2025.


The Challenge

The Greater London Authority (GLA), representing the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP), faced a multifaceted challenge: spearheading economic growth, fostering job creation, and responding to the tumultuous economic landscapes wrought by both COVID-19 and the ongoing EU transition. Central to these challenges was the need to enhance the resilience and adaptability of London's SMEs in an era of unprecedented change.

The Solution:

In a strategic move, the GLA commissioned Hustle+Heels to implement several iterations of the Peer Networks Programme, utilising the proven Action Learning Methodology. This initiative was intricately designed to congregate entrepreneurs, business magnates, and governmental bodies, creating a symbiotic network geared towards identifying and executing actions vital for economic propulsion and entrepreneurial support within London.

The Results:

The Peer Networks Programme has set its sights on long-term economic fortification, specifically aiming to bridge the UK's productivity gap. By facilitating practical, actionable solutions to both strategic and operational hurdles, the programme is instrumental in equipping business leaders to navigate the "new normal." This foresight, part of the holistic UK Government response to contemporary economic adversities, is pivotal in bolstering SME resilience, fostering adaptability, and positioning these enterprises for imminent success and sustainable productivity advancements.

Participant Feedback…

"The team was amazing, I felt incredibly inspired, and received lots of very useful information I'll apply to my business."

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