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Kavitha is here to help you with business finance...

Book a call if you want to get your finances in order, learn how to save money, increase profitability and achieve financial success the right way. 

Kavitha has a degree in Microbiology from Warwick University and then studied with Chartered Institute of Management Accounting, passing the 3 final level papers with first time passes in 2005. She has worked in finance for over 20 years, carrying out projects with a range of blue-chip companies as well as SMEs. Companies include Honda, Coca Cola, The BBC, Channel 5, Barclays, FOXTEL, and Q-Bot.She now enjoys bringing this experience to small businesses and specialises in empowering small business owners, enabling them to have the financial knowledge and understanding to grow and scale their businesses.

We have found the best

business advisors to help you when

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  • Identifying the right financial models and processes for your business;

  • Helping you to understand the numbers and what they are telling you;

  • Automating book-keeping and accounts processes;

  • Pricing strategies - Helping you to work out the best price for your products/services;

  • Creating financial forecasts for your business that are easy to use.



Your personal

Business Finance


The nicest finance person you will ever meet. If figures and finances are not your thing, Kavitha will make it all make sense. Check out her testimonials below!

Learn more about her experience, how she can help and the sessions Kavitha has available...




£200.00 per session


Enjoy a one-hour phone or video call with our H&H Advisor Kavitha to start building the best version of you.

You will receive:

A plan that includes a list of the next steps required to reach a  goal.


£350.00 per session


Somethings just need to be explored in person and these face-to-face sessions are great for those wanting get offline and require an impactful and focused session with H&H Advisor Kavitha.


Price dependent on project


A personalised package tailored to your specific business needs.  Kavitha will work on a project for you, e.g, put together a pricing model, build forecasts for investors etc. During a project task, you will work out what outcomes need to be achieved, Kavitha will go away and work on the project/outcome and then present back and show how this can be used as part of the everyday running of your business. Price is dependant on the project and size of your business.


Kavitha was absolutely fantastic in helping me to take control of my finances. She took the time to ask about what systems I had in place and show me what was needed. She was proactive in helping me solve my problems and at the end of the session, I had the tech that worked and the confidence to use it. Thank you so much, Kavitha! This will make a huge difference to the way I run my small business.

Natalie Palmer

"Figures and finances are not my strong point and I needed assistance with my pricing strategy. Kavitha helped with this, but what was really good is going through the process step by step so that I had an understanding of the pricing model and how it was developed. Kavitha helped me understood and grasp the process. This gave me the confidence I needed in order to work out the pricing for the services that I do.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Kavitha’s service to all business owners (new and existing) as I know that many of us shy away from managing and understanding our figures. I guarantee that you will walk away feeling empowered, knowing that you will have a clearer understanding and confidence to do this."

Angelina - Director, Minto Services Ltd

"Kavitha managed the entire month-end process, implemented auto-enrolment, prepared and submitted quarterly VAT and CIS Returns, put together P&L forecasts as well cash flows reports. She was able to implement significant process improvements and financial controls, improving accuracy and timeliness of the management accounts. In addition to financial matters, Kavitha also supported the commercial development of the business, engaging with the sales team to develop new processes and assessing different strategic options for the business. She made a significant contribution and we really value the difference that she was able to make!"

Mathew Hollway, CEO, Q-Bot

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If you want to have a quick chat with Kavitha about how she can help your business and the different packages she has available, arrange a free call today.

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