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All you need to know about the most stress-free and

cost-effective way to start, improve and grow your business.


What you get... <img src="" style="border:0px; width:0px; height: 0px;"> <img src="" style="border:0px; width:0px; height: 0px;">




Online strategy session where ideas are exchanged and problems are solved

Free business bank account and support for 1 year from an award-winning provider

Weekly videos, templates and tasks that simplify all areas of business

Priority access to all sold-out events with excluesive industry expert meet and greets 

Access to the Support Group to troubleshoot, connect, share and grow

Why join the community...

Membership with Hustle & Heels is the best way to get the most out of your business, as it gives you access to exclusive opportunities to bolster your business strategy in areas that you actually need. It is also the basis for building your very own business community with accountability buddies and a business tribe to encourage, motivate and inspire you along the way. After all, your network is your net-worth so it's time to start building relationships as you build your business.

Membership is £50.00 each month (roughly US$65), which is less than the cost of a coffee each day! 

How does it work...

Each minicourse consists of 4-5 individual videos. You will receive one video, a set of video notes, tasks and templates each week. The tasks have been designed so that once completed, you have a tailored step-by-step plan to implement the strategies right away. The days in-between each session will give you time to look at things in a new way and apply the relevant parts of each session to your business.

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Your video content schedule...


Minicourse 1: Branding made simple (4 videos)

Minicourse 2: Marketing hacks for start-up success (4 videos)

Minicourse 3: Sales and selling made easy (4 videos)

Minicourse 4: Social Media simplified (5 videos)

Minicourse5: Customer experiences (4 videos)


Minicourse 6: Converting people into customers (4 videos)

Minicourse 7: Business PR for start-ups (4 videos)

Minicourse 8: Collaborations and partnerships (4 videos)

Minicourse 9: How to get sponsorship (4 videos)

Minicourse 10: Business finance explained (4 videos)

Minicourse 11: Preparing for Investment (4 videos)

Minicourse 12: Pitching your business (4 videos)

Video notes, Weekly tasks

and Templates...

We have done all the hard work for you and will also provide a range of downloadable worksheets and templates for you to use during and after the video sessions. When learning something new, we feel it is important to go through the process, step-by-step - so we've created simple outlines for you to complete while you watch, all for £50.00 each month (roughly US$65).

What else do you get...


Free business bank account for 1 year

An added benefit of the membership is the freebie: exclusive bank rates with our business banking partner Tide to support your business banking needs as they change with the life of your business. 

Access to live strategy sessions 

Be the master of your business, with access to our monthly, online sessions created as a space for ambitious entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, find solutions to challenges they are having in business all within a supportive, friendly and non-judgemental environment.

Access to our Support Group 

So you’ve got the ideas and the strategies but how do you problem solve? Access to the Support Group is where we will problem-solve together 24/7. This forum will involve member led discussions working through the business topics to unpick common problems as a support network.

Support network of forward-thinking entrepreneurs

The Hustle & Heels online network consists of over 13,000+ change-makers which you can tap into as a Hustle & Heels member. You will have access to their support so you have what you need to not only to survive but to thrive. 

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All you need to succeed...

Here is a quick round-up of everything you will receive as a Hustle & Heels member...

- Weekly videos, tasks and templates designed to help you feel confident with ALL areas of your business;

- An award-winning free business bank account with dedicated support for independent business owners;

- Priority access to monthly events where you will learn from industry experts who will show you how to up-skill in the areas you need it most; 

- Access to influential business leaders, social entrepreneurs and advisors for advice and support;

- Exclusive access to a support and discussion group;

- Members-only live online Strategy Session where you can to discuss ideas and find solutions to business challenges;

So now you know what to expect, all that's left to do is join the network here...

Remember, membership is about investing in you and your business and will cost you less than the price of a coffee a day, that's £50.00 each month (roughly US$65). 

The most supportive and stress-free way to grow your business

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Community testimonials...



I am so grateful for the online content. Because of work commitments and being based in the midlands, it's not always easy to attend offline events so thank you ladies.




A comfortable place to have judgement-free business conversations.... I have also
been able to make some great connections and feel it has really helped the wider
start-up community as a whole.





It’s a concept that I tell people about, it’s great for representation in business.

…Attending the masterclass, was mind-blowing with all the information I was able to
take away.


Create your own learning experience and choose the minicourses most relevant to you

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