The peer-to-peer networking programme is a national SME business support programme that is being delivered locally and has been designed for business leaders who want to grow and develop their organisation for future success. The programme is aimed at helping business leaders find practical solutions to strategic and operational challenges and is also part of the Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing EU transition and entry into a new trading environment, essentially seeking to improve the resilience of SMEs, their capability to adapt their business models to the “new normal” and position themselves for future success, in order to drive longer-term productivity gains.



As part of the Peer Networks Programme, you are entitled to 3.5 hours of one-to-one mentoring from any of the leading experts and area specialists below. Simply follow the two simple steps to book your free mentoring sessions...

STEP 1: Select an expert of your choice;

STEP 2: Book an available slot in their diary;

STEP 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have booked in all 3.5 hours. 

All one-to-one sessions must be completed by Friday 12th March, 2021. 

NOTE: These experts are only available to those on the Peer Network Programme. If you are NOT on the Peer Network Programme please book a one-to-one with a Business Advisor here.




Business Growth Expert

​​Mark was responsible for creating the European delivery operations for a $1.5bn project within the Telecoms SaaS market and building his own electronics company internationally to £1m turnover within three years. 

Mark's expertise covers:

  • Business Modelling and Change

  • Lean Startup methodologies

  • Expanding in export markets

  • Preparing businesses for finance or investment

  • Embedding social purpose within commercial organisations

  • The journey to Net Zero


Business Transformation Expert

Chris has been providing organizational transformation consultancy and training to firms of all sizes for 25 years across retail, healthcare and telecoms. 

Chris' expertise covers:

  • Expansion of sales worldwide

  • Selling on Amazon

  • Sales and Marketing (including Digital Marketing)

  • Embedding formal management processes and systems

  • Embedding formal management processes and systems


Legal Expert

​​Rashida Abdulai is an award-winning lawyer and founder of Strand Sahara which is an online legal service serving business leaders. Before launching Strand Sahara, Rashida was a Senior Associate in the London offices of global law firm Hogan Lovells. 

Rashida's expertise covers:

  • Legal Protections

  • Contracts

  • Intellectual Property rights

  • Business Expansion

  • Business structures


Business Finance Expert

Kavitha has worked in finance for over 20 years, carrying out projects with a range of  blue chip companies such as The BBC, Honda and Aviva as well as SMEs such as Q-Bot.

Kavitha's expertise covers:

  • Financial processes and structures

  • Business scaling

  • Automating bookkeeping activities

  • Preparing a Board Pack for investors

  • Forecasting and modelling different scenarios for 3/5-year projections

  • Business accounts reviews


EU & Regulation Expert

​​Sietske is an EU and regulation expert, market access adviser, writer, trainer and speaker on transition and regulatory issues. Sietske is an EU and regulation expert, market access adviser, writer, trainer and speaker on transition and regulatory issues.

Sietske's expertise covers:

  • EU Regulations

  • Anticipating market access issues

  • Ecommerce

  • Digital services

  • Business services

  • Brexit mapping


International Trade Expert

​​Rosina is a Policy and Public Affairs Director with fifteen years’ experience of promoting and representing the interests of small businesses at a UK and EU level. 

Rosina's expertise covers:

  • International Trade

  • Trade Associations

  • Global Politics