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This option gives you 4 hours of business coaching to spread over a 8 week /2month period.


These sessions are great for those who want on-going support and guidance to take their ideas/business  to the next level. 


Before the session:

You will be asked to complete a few questions on the problems you need most help with so we can spend the full session finding solutions to your biggest challenges.


During the session:

You will have Jen's undivided attention and support to get clear and focused on what you need to do to move forward confidently.


We will develop strategies together to achieve your objectives in the most efficient way and monitor the improvements made to your business over time.


You will receive:

- Practical strategies you can implement right away;

- A step-by-step measurable plan of action;

- Useful tools and resources to support you after the session;

- Support monitoring your progress to ensure long-term success.


These sessions are held remotely, via phone or zoom.

4 Hours of Coaching

  • Once you have booked your session, simply email to arrange the date and time. You will need to confirm the email address your booking was made under. 

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