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Rushane is here to help

you with sales strategy...

Book a call if you want to transform businesses through the increase of sales with action-based strategies in order to achieve success the right way. 

Rushane has spent the last decade immersed in the worlds of sales, training and business as an accomplished business development professional with experience and success working in a targeted KPI driven sales environment. She has assisted thousands of SMEs to utilise digital marketing and technology to evolve and simplify processes in their organisation. Motivated by helping businesses to flourish through introducing innovative practises, education, and providing fantastic service.


Rushane is a qualified transformational coach who is passionate about sharing her 15+ years sales expertise and teaching experience to empower entrepreneurs as she loves to hear their business story and then create strategies, inline with their company goals and ethics. Rushane likes to challenge people’s mindset limits to help them achieve their ultimate sales performance goals. Being a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and coach, Rushane combines NLP, mindset, and sales techniques to take people beyond their sales potential.

Outside of work she enjoys the theatre, swimming, country walks and sunshine holidays.

We have found the best

business advisors to help you when

you need it the most!



Rushane will help you to:

  • Find YOUR authentic selling style;

  • Develop sales habits & marketing strategies that create leads, attract new clients & sell more products;

  • Clearly define your target market & hone your message;

  • Develop a money mindset, pricing strategies, overcoming any fear of selling & talking about money;

  • How to maximize your return on investment with efficient, targeted marketing that gets results;

  • Formulate bespoke sales plans, strategies and transformational processes for your business to thrive.



Your Personal

Sales Strategist

If you need help to generate more sales, close more clients and develop your money mindset,  Rushane is here to help. 

Learn more about Rushanes' experience, how she can help you and the sessions she has available...




£147.00 per session


During a 1-hour session with me you can expect to leave with:

1. 360° review of sales strategy and sales plans with recommendations; 


2. actionable tactics to implement in your business immediately;


3. A follow up email with a summary of what we discussed.


£297.00 per session


During a 2-hour session with me (1.5 hour session plus a 30 minute follow up call), you can expect to leave with:

1. Creation of a written sales strategy with a sales plan (for a defined period);

2. Two SMART goals;


3. A follow up email with a summary of what we discussed;


4. 30 min follow up call booked for 14 days later.


from £998.00 per session



The Bespoke Sales & Growth Package is a bespoke one which can vary in time depending on your needs. Rushane can tailor a unique package of support for your business in order to build a winning sales strategy that consistently drives sales.

Example compenents of a session: 

- Sales skills coaching

- Business analysis

- Development and implementation, sales & marketing plan, sales process, & systems

- Fast track results with target and goal setting

- Create go to market sales campaign

- Simple sales funnels

- Money Mindset workbook.

Arrange a call today by clicking the button below to discuss your needs further.



Coming soon




If you want to have a quick chat with Rushane about how she can help your business and the different packages she has available, arrange a free call today.

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