Make sure you run tings & don’t let tings run you!

February 17, 2019

Time Management Tips Which Helped Me


Having a busy schedule is something each of us is all too familiar with. Do you ever look at someone doing the absolute most and wonder “how on earth are you fitting all of that into the same 24 hours as me?!” and end up feeling completely overwhelmed with it all? 
To be honest, that used to be me! That's not to say I'm not totally "fixed" but I certainly have a better handle on things now.

Whether it was that I was turning up late to appointments, that I was late in delivering work or completing tasks beyond the deadline, I was constantly being run by my diary and I couldn’t keep up. Being late and delivering work late was one thing, but the guilt that came with it was a completely different aspect which I struggled with the most. When you are a small business owner you come into contact with every person in your business including customers, other business contacts and if you are lucky enough to have them, other team members. It's not a huge faceless corporation whereby if you let someone down, you could get away with not seeing them, or not interacting with them for a few weeks, giving you enough time for the guilt to wear off. When you are in a small business how you interact and engage with others is very real and so letting people down, is not something that happens lightly without any pangs of guilt. I knew I needed to get on top of my work but I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to do it. 


I was finding that I constantly had a diary full of things to do which seemed achievable at the beginning of the day, but then I’d find that I was always running behind. & then like that, I figured it out. It dawned on me what my problem was. I’d check my diary from day to day which was always way too late. I couldn’t plan effectively and every appointment I had in my diary would be a surprise the morning I checked what my plans were for that day. That awakening gave me the chance to look at ways of improving my time management and I’ve listed a few things below which I’ve found have helped me and which I hope will help you to realign and shift a few things in your approach. 


Now it’s going to sound like I’m saying check your diary every day, which essentially, I am. But the gem of wisdom is in the basis on which you’re checking your diary. Stick with me, it will make sense at the end.