Why joining a Peer Network could be the push you need

As a business owner, the obstacles you have to face on a daily basis are enough to make a grown person cry! Buuuuut this year in particular has been like no other and it’s questionable when the pressure is going to ease!

The global reaction to the state of race relations has weighed heavily on many business owners that realise they have a platform to influence change and inform others. On top of that finances have been affected, one way or another, by the Covid-19 pandemic and as if that wasn’t enough, for those operating in the UK, the complication of the EU transition period ending and entry into a new trading environment is firmly on the horizon.

So how can you as a business owner build resilience and ensure that you have developed a capability to adapt your business model to the “new normal” and position yourself for future success, in order to drive longer-term productivity gains?

Join a local Peer Network, that’s how!

Hustle & Heels is one of the trusted delivery partners for the London-based Peer Networks, which is a peer-to-peer networking programme designed to support business leaders like you work through common business issues and find valuable solutions.

Research has proven that business owners that engage in training and mentoring are more likely to improve their long-term business (and personal!) performance. Just think about it – whenever you’ve had a problem, personal or business related, you tend to think “who might be able to give me some advice?” We always want to speak to someone else that has been there and has experience that we can learn from right! With that said, now is the time to join our programme which can provide you with business support to sort out those business problems that you just need to talk through with someone else and give you that push in the right direction.

How often do we go on about working together, building a tribe? Very often and for good reason. It is proven that we learn best through interactive action, discussing real challenges and being able to then gain and reflect on valuable feedback which is applicable to us on an individual basis. That is why peer networks work so well.

Here are some BENEFITS of joining the peer network:

1. You'll have high impact group discussions.

2. The group will collectively find solutions to real business issues.

3. You'll gain action learning skills and techniques for later use.

4. You'll gain One to One business support.

5. You can build trusted connections with a diverse range of business leaders.

We really want to encourage you to join the Peer Network, so to find out more click here to book in a session today before all spaces are gone.

If you're late to the party and find that all the spaces are gone on this programme by the time you click above, you can still join and become a part of the H&H membership community here which is equally supportive, with monthly strategy sessions, online training and much more.

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