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Sital and Steve are here to help you with hospitality business...

Book a call if you want to gain clarity about the why and how in your business

Steve and Sital’s long experience in hospitality within Restaurants, Bars, and clubs has earned them the skills and knowledge required to open their own Restaurant and Bar, Korova Restaurant in Tufnell Park, Sital took on the duty of Restuarant Manager whilst Steve was the Chef/Patron. Within months of opening, the restaurant won the Love London Awards for the Tufnell Park region from Time Out and held the title for three consecutive years.

Sital worked alongside her partner Steve in the many restaurants and bars where Steve was employed as an Operations Manager. Sital has mastered many roles in her restaurant/bar career including; cocktail creation/mixology, front-of-house/customer relations, public relations, food service, online marketing, pricing, gross profit margins & recruitment.

Sital and Steve have been avid restaurant and bar goers which enables them to seek out solutions from both perspectives.

We have found the best

business advisors to help you when

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  • Interaction with local community

  • Improving profit margins

  • Effective staff training 

  • Menu design  

  • Social media/ online presence 


Your Hospitality Business Advisor

Experts in the hospitality business industry, providing business leaders with solutions from many perspectives and experiences. Sital and Steve are dedicated to enabling business owners like you to be profitable and viable! Check out their testimonials below!

Learn more about Sital and Steve's experience, how they can help and the sessions they have available...




£80.00 per session


During a 1-hour session with H+H Advisors Sital and Steve, you can expect to leave with:

1. Guidance on how to improve profit margins within your business through menu pricing, use of seasonal goods, and specific recipes.

2. Increase footfall through interaction with your local community.


£120.00 per session


During a 2-hour session with H+H Advisors Sital and Steve, you can expect to leave with:

1. Guidance on how to improve profit margins within your business through menu pricing, use of seasonal goods, and specific recipes.

2. Increase footfall through interaction with your local community.

3. Detailed 6-month plan on growing your business.


4. In-depth analysis of business strategy, identifying goals and objectives for optimized financial business performance.


£150.00 2 hours 


If you choose the site visit, we will cover both points from 1-hour and 2-hour sessions followed by:

1. Hands-on involvement with your business; Restaurant/ cafe analysis in regard to layout and aesthetics.

2. Guidance on improving your Food & Hygiene rating.

3. Comprehensive food and drink review.


The Camden Walk of Fame is a Cultural Monument based in Camden, London, which celebrates music's contribution to culture and society.
We have had a very busy summer organising our newest inductee David Bowie.
Sital has been very hands-on with our marketing team to ensure this project is successful and runs

Lee Bennett - Co-Founder Camden Walk of Fame

Steve Wilmot t/a Heathen Trading LTD, has worked for our venue on several occasions.
Primarily as a bar /drinks consultant. In this role, she has helped us improve both staff efficiency and gross profit margins for our venue. She has also worked as a consultant on several of our private hire events, for clients such as Channel 4 & Sky Sports.

Steve has always provided great service, he has a proven history in both customer service & maximising bar efficency /performance.

Micheal McDermott - General Manager 26 Leake St.

Steve Wilmot currently holds the role of Licensing and Business Consultant at BonBon Club in Archway. We have recently had some issues with our local council regarding our licensable activity, and Steve has not only been helpful with this matter but has also aided in the day to day running and efficiency of our business.

Sokol Toskar - Director Your Venue LTD BonBon Club

When Steve first used our services he was very impressed with the work we had provided.
He were surprised we were on his doorstep but our online presence wasn't very visible.
Sital advised there are many tools available to improve your visibility online such as Google Business
Profile and for free. She talked me through it and it took no time to set up, im able to post offers and discounts for potential customers and we've had many positive reviews which no doubt has a positive effect on the business.

Chris - Christ Print and Design Ltd

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