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Stella is here to help

you with business accounting and tax...

Book a call if you want help with your accounting and business and personal tax needs. Get the support you need today to achieve success the right way. 

Stella has been studying and working in Accounting for over 13 years. She is an ACCA qualified accountant with over 8 years’ experience working in practice and in government. She is also the founder of Accountstar which provides financial solutions to small businesses and financial education to people from underrepresented groups. She set up Accountstar because she identified a rise in people from her communities wanting to get their finances in order but lacked the know-how, Accountstar was set up to bridge this gap.


Accountstar provides affordable accounting, financial management and tax solutions to start ups. They also work within the community delivers workshops and seminars to help people manage their business and personal finances and understand their tax and accounting obligations. Stella has a passion for empowering women and helping those from underrepresented groups and tailor her services to these communities.

We have found the best

business advisors to help you when

you need it the most!



Stella will help you to with:

  • Choosing a tax-efficient business structure;

  • Personal and Business tax planning;

  • How to prepare for annual and statutory accounts;

  • Bookkeeping/How to record and track business finances;

  • HMRC and Companies House inquiries/investigations/fines.



Your Accounting

and Tax Advisor

If you need help to understand business accounting and filing for your business/personal tax. Stella is here to help. Check out her testimonials below!

Learn more about Stellas' experience, how she can help you, and the sessions she has available...




£75.00 per session


During a 1-hour session with me you can expect to leave with:

1. A bespoke action plan to help reach achieve goals will include:

  • Steps required to achieve the goal

  • Key deadlines

  • List of tools/ resources that can assist with goals

2. High-level summary of advice/options provided


Thank you Stella for your patience! Your attention to detail is exceptional and for the value you give- your services are very affordable!

Stella found a huge error, made by a previous employer on my HMRC records and got on to it straight away. This saved nearly £1,500 in tax and I also ended up getting a further refund! Whilst in any business your accounts are an essential task, it can be tedious so to have someone skilled and experienced working for you has been a huge weight of my shoulders. What I love about Stella is that she also guides you through the whole process, educating and empowering you to be able to do it yourself if you really wanted to. But with her exceptional service, I’m likely to be a customer for life.


Tina Pokuaah- GBV Consultant

“I am not the best when it comes to understanding how to file my tax return, I find it all very confusing!  Stella has been extremely helpful with helping me understand the process and have always been on hand for any questions I may have. She happily done all the work for me and successfully filed my last tax return smoothly and efficiently. She has definitely proven that she is the best, most affordable and trustworthy accounting service for my business”


Axel Anglin- Axel Designs

"Having little to basically no knowledge of tax. Stella was able to provide me with a flawless service that was tailored to my needs. She went the extra mile to inform me of the various options available to me, which proved to be very educational. The service was professional, hands on, and quick.

Very grateful for what I was able to achieve in my business, she has a loyal customer with me 100%!"


Jay Wright- Rodeo Donuts

Stella has been integral to our planning and growth. Her sound knowledge and expertise has been one of the guiding factors in the development of our business.

Ziggy Moore- Moore Education




If you want to have a quick chat with Stella about how she can help your business, arrange a free call today.

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