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Hi all, my name is Zeze and day to day I manage and run two businesses, in two different countries. I handle everything from operations to marketing to new product development. Click here for more on Malée. 1. Where does the passion for what you do come from? I have always had a love for the beauty industry, story telling and creating. The global recession in 2009 was a catalyst. 2. If you had to commission an artist to draw success, what would it looklike to you? I would probably pick Mary Sibande, the artist. She has a fantastic eye and it would most likely resemble something from the Superman series 3. What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome to achieve what you have? Patience.


2. If you had to commission an artist to draw success, what would it look like? From an early age, I've seen my life in a certain way. I had a certain vision, I began in the business from age 6 as a professional actor, and so there have been several "tipping point" moments, that have brought me to present day. When I think back the narrative of my life includes being a child actor who wanted to be known in the UK, becoming recognised and acclaimed for my work in the UK, wanting to take it to another level on the global market, Hollywood, getting to the US and establishing myself as a international, globally respected artist and then even with the goals to come. The tipping point has been mak


My name is Remi Ray and I am a Niche Fashion Influencer. 1. What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome to achieve what you have? Having a business partner steal from your business and then spread lies about you in the industry to distract others from the truth. Having such a horrible element happen to me so early on in my journey. This really allowed me the time I needed to understand my gifts of vision. Embracing your direction is always the most important achievement in my eyes. 2. If you were given £5 million tomorrow, what would you spend it on? I guess I would do the boring bits of investment/family - but I also have a keen interest in developing creatives in less fortunate coun


My name is Zeze and I am a Natural Hair Influencer. My background is in HR and Project Management but I recently took the risk and changed industries and now I work in Tech PR. 1. What do you think was the tipping point that got you to where you are? I’m known for making drastic changes in my life. Sometimes it's what needs to be done to move forward on the right track. From going natural, to changing my career path and becoming a freelancer to support myself 'till I reached where I needed to be. Was it scary? Did I ever think at any point I had made a mistake? Did I want to go back at any point? Yes, yes and yes! The feeling of being stuck, unhappy and lost was too overwhelming - I knew I h

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