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From 6 figures to Zero and How I Rebuilt my Brand

It's been a tough time for small business, hasn't it? The global pandemic has seen industries and incomes disappear overnight as countries locked down, people stayed in and businesses stopped spending. My business is no exception. I run Brand by Me, a brand and strategy consultancy that helps organisations build brands that drive social change. I set up the business 4 years ago after spotting a need for big brand thinking amongst small, but ambitious organisations with big vision and a hunger to make a real impact. By 2018, we were turning over six figures, with a strong client base and a clearly defined niche. In 2019, the uncertainty around Brexit took its toll on the business (and the w

Post Lockdown Event Trends

As restrictions of lockdown slowly begin to soften, ever changing circumstances have sparked curiosity about what new event trends post lockdown will be. Here are the top 5 event trends to think about and keep in mind post-lockdown, brought to you by Hay Events: 1. Growth of Virtual Technology The world of virtual reality has seen a drastic increase over the last few months and so using virtual technology such as Zoom, Skype or even IG live to stay connected with family, friends and our communities, has now become the norm. This therefore proposes the question of whether there will be more of a demand for virtual events. Will there now be an expectation of implementing a virtual element to i

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