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Scale Programme

Ideal for first-time business owners within the first 3 years of business or consistently generating up to 5 figures per year. This programme will provide you with expert-led training and a practical to improve and scale your operations into a 6 figures business.

Many businesses who succeed often receive expert advice, support and guidance that has helped them to navigate the challenges they face. The Scale Programme provides you with that same level of dedicated support, regular mentoring with business experts, business reviews and feedback to ensure you have the right strategy in place to scale successfully.

About the


In this 6 month Scale programme, you will receive everything included in the Grow Programme plus...

// Business reviews with an expert every month (6 reviews in total)
// Feedback and support on all completed assignments (6 feedback sessions in total)
// Weekly 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with a business expert (6 mentoring sessions in total)

Duration: 6 months
Live Training Sessions: 12 sessions
Length: Up to 2 hours long
Training Modules: 12 Business Topics
Business Reviews: 6 Reviews
1-2-1 Mentoring: 6 sessions
Weekly commitment: 2-4 hours per week
Resources: All provided
Assignments/Tasks: Yes - Set weekly
Experience: None required
Start dates: Jan / Apr / July / Oct
Cohort Size:  Up to 30 per programme


The Scale programme has been designed to take you from generating up to 4 figures a month to providing you with an annual 6 figure business strategy in 6 months. The training sessions, monthly business reviews and 1-2-1 mentoring sessions will be more strategic and operational in focus then on the other programmes.

They will simplify and breakdown the 12 main areas of business to ensure you have the confidence you need to succeed. Each area of business is broken down into 4-5 bitesized sections so you can balance it around running your business and everyday life;

// Business finance
// Sales & Selling
// Marketing
// Branding
// Social Media
// Public relations
// Improving Customer Experiences
// Brand Partnerships and Collaborations
// How to seek Investment
// Conversion Strategies
// Sponsorship
// Pitching your ideas


To see the full profiles of our Business Expert that deliver the Develop Programme here


£339.00 Monthly

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