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In September 2023 we held the first audience-led business festival where you, the attendees were in control - you got to ask the questions, lead the conversation and meet the people you wanted to connect with. 

Everyone is now asking about HustleFest 2024, so if you want to be a part of HustleFest 2024, complete the form below and be the first to find out about partnership opportunities or attending as a guest and when the early bird tickets for next year's event go on sale! 

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Over 200+ sessions

with business investment experts and advisors

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Over 500+ business owners, startups, professionals, business investors and experts

Google facilitated workshops, live podcasts, pitch battle competitions + high value networking experiences

 HustleFest 2024 is for business owners, startups, hobbyists, side hustlers, creatives, big dreamers, professionals, business experts and investors

Google Workshop 1
Google Workshop 2
Google Workshop 3
Pitch Battle Competition 
The 2023 Experience…
Click to see what was happening in each room at HustleFest 2023.

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  • Q: What is HustleFest?
    A: HustleFest is an immersive business festival experience designed to provide the insights, connections and opportunities needed for success but in a less boring and more impactful way! Created by business owners for business owners, startups, creatives, professionals, investment and business experts, HustleFest is for those seeking a high-value, practical solutions to business growth in a more meaningful and fun way.
  • Q: Can I curate my own festival experience at HustleFest?
    A: Absolutely Yes! All attendees will be able to curate their own HustleFest experience, choosing the sessions and activations that align most with their business goals... Who wants to sit in on a non-relevant session?... Definitely not us or you, we hope!
  • Q: Can I exhibit at HustleFest?
    A: Not at this one... Plus there are loads of great events that have marketplaces and we didn't want to reinvent the wheel. For now we're focused on knowledge exchange, upskilling the business community and giving you the opportunities you need to develop personally.
  • Q: Can I participate in the pitch battle competition as a small business owner?
    A: Hell yes, thats you're time to shine! The pitch battle competition is open to all small business owners at HustleFest and spots will be available on a first come first serve basis, so keep an eye on those emails for when the registration link drops!
  • Q: Do I have to pay extra for a 1-2-1 expert session?
    A: Definitely not! Once you have your HustleFest ticket you have access to everything, the investment and business experts included at no extra cost. Spots are limited to one 1-2-1 per person however (We're watching and have all the loop holes covered for you chancers lol!) and session booking links will be made available to all ticket holders from August 20th.
  • Q: When and where is HustleFest happening?
    A: HustleFest will take place on Wednesday, 20th September 2023, at the iconic Ministry of Sounds in London from 1030am - 6pm (8pm for the After-party). Not your usual business event venue we know BUT there is method to our madness... Join us and expect the unexpected at HustleFest!
  • Q: What can I expect at HustleFest?
    A: At HustleFest the audience are in control - you ask the questions, lead the conversation and meet the people you want to connect with. You'll have a range of engaging talks, panel discussions, live podcast sit-ins, interactive workshops led by Google, a pitch battle competition, and networking opportunities to choose from on the day.

2023 Partners, Supporters and Contributors 

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