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Join us on Instagram Live

This is an opportunity for the Hustle+Heels online network to get to you know more about you and your brand. You will have the opportunity to join one of the Hustle & Heels team live on Instagram for 30 minutes to talk all things business. Please be prepared to answer business related questions and give some advice to others that are starting out in business.

Book here now. 

What to expect
The Hustle+Heels online network is full of ambitious and supportive entrepreneurs who are also consumers themselves. This is a great opportunity to connect with as many of the 10,000 + individuals within the online network as possible. In November 2019 we had over 25 business owners join us for their own Instagram Live sessions. Every single business owner spent 30 minutes talking about their passion, how they got into it and also answered questions from our viewers. They all told us how impactful the opportunity was and said they would do it again given the chance. Well now it's your chance to do it. 
You will have the chance to expand your online network and get comfortable with talking about your brand with the support of Jen or Jay. 

How to prepare
This may be the first time lots of people engage with your brand so you want to make a good first impression. Follow these simple steps to ensure you are ready to go and make the most of the opportunity. As soon as you have booked your session, email with a copy of your logo (jpeg) or a high-resolution and professional picture that best represents your brand. This will be used to create your artwork which you should start sharing with your friends, family, and followers asking them to support you by watching once you go live. 

Are you camera ready? 
No-one wants to see a blurry image of you, so ensure your camera is prepared by wiping your lens clean. Also, make sure you are sat in a well lit room and that your face is clearly visible on the screen. Similarly, we want to be able to hear you clearly. Sometimes, when two people are using Instagram live, the sound quality dimishes. To get things as clear as possible, make sure you are in a quiet room and that you talk clearly, loudly and be patient, allowing time for any transmission delays. 

What to do after
The fun doesn't stop there. To maximise on the opportunity try to connect with anyone that was particularly engaged with you during the session. Repost some stills or recorded footage from the session so that you can make anyone that missed it just that little bit jealous about what they missed out on. Remember some of the viewers may turn into customers so do all you can to capture and maintain people's interest.


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