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To the Hustle & Heels Membership

You have officially joined the most exciting community of people

taking their businesses and ideas to the next level. 

A reminder of what you get...




Online strategy sessions where ideas are exchanged and problems are solved

Free business bank account and support for 1 year from an award-winning provider

Weekly videos, templates and tasks that simplify all areas of business

Priority access to all sold-out events with exclusive meet and greets with industry experts

Access to a Support Group to troubleshoot connect, share and grow

Next steps...

STEP 1:  Check your inbox, you should have a few emails from us to confirm your order and provide your portal login details. If you do not receive this email within 4 hours, please email with your full name and the email address you registered with.

STEP 2: Add to your contacts to ensure you never miss a message from us. This is super important to avoid our messages going into your promotions or junk mail folder!

STEP 3: Join the Support Group to connect with others (check your email for the link).

STEP 4: Get started on your first module (check your portal and get started).


We look forward to supporting your journey!

Thank you for joining the membership community

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