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We are committed to supporting business owners & entrepreneurs manage the impact of COVID-19 so have put together a list of resources for you to look through and access what is applicable.


Below is a list of various resources to help you navigate the changes taking place during the Coronavirus pandemic:

1. Facebook Small Business Grants 

2. Mailchimp helps businesses get online

3. Government Support 

4. Aggressive Rent Collection & Closure Protection

5. Job Retention Scheme

6. Getting safely back to Work

7. Kickstart Scheme (click here for an explantory video)

In order to provide the most relevant support to you, we are asking that you spend 2 minutes completing our Impact Survey by clicking here. Your information will not be shared publicly but will be used to shape internal decisions about the best support we can offer post Covid. 

All retail, hospitality and leisure businesses, as well as nurseries, will receive 100% discount on business rates for 2020/21. That is right, these businesses will not have to pay business rates for the 2020/2021 year. For more information, contact your local authority and ask to speak to someone from the business rates department. For a quicker response, most local authorities have extensive information available on their website in a section dedicated to local businesses.

The Government has also offered protection and announced:

  • A ban on evictions for commercial tenants who miss rent payments; and

  • Protection from aggressive practices relating to rent collection and pressuring tenants to pay rent when it is unaffordable. 






Below we have listed information and links to resources which you may find useful in building and growing your own business. Check back from time to time for updates to this page. 



London libraries are transforming the way ideas grow into successful businesses. By partnering with ten London boroughs, the British Library is developing a community of new and existing business owners, which is free to join and open to everyone. These workshops will focus on providing start-ups with access to training and development workshops designed to give you the business acumen to compliment your existing passion and talent. 

Find a workshop near you here




As part of the Start-up In London Libraries programme, Hustle & Heels are working in partnership with the British Library to deliver the Marketing Masterclasses for early-stage start-ups. The class will equip you with the knowledge and resources needed to increase brand awareness and attract more customers. This practical workshop will break down and simplify the marketing strategies and processes you need to succeed and are now running online until further notice.

Book online now here.




Business in the UK is ever-changing, and with more women starting companies, the time is now for us to support each other and shout about what is happening. Find out about the Fastest-Growing Women-Led Businesses Driving the UK Economy 2019 here or download a copy of the report by clicking the PDF button.


Fastest-Growing Women-Led Businesses Driving the UK Economy 2019 Report


INFO/ STATS - Barriers for women

Women Entrepreneurs Report

The Women's Business Council - Deloitte LLP (April 2016)

Deloitte's strategic project for the Women’s Business Council

Drawing on research and conversations with successful women entrepreneurs across the UK, 

some key underlying barriers to entrepreneurship were identified as often limiting the ability for women to scale and succeed:


1. Imposter syndrome or a lower level of self‑belief and lower appetite for risk compared with equivalent male entrepreneurs;

2. A self‑perception by women that they lack the skills or ability in key business functions; and

3. Limited access to relevant role models, quality mentors/advisors and professional networks.


Female entrepreneurship findings by Deloitte:


  • "5.7% of working-age women were engaged in early stage entrepreneurial activity in 2014, compared to more than 10% of working-age men;

  • Longevity rates of women’s businesses are lower than those set up by men;

  • The report calls for a Women’s Enterprise Academy to provide leadership and network development opportunities for the most ambitious and talented women entrepreneurs."


The impact on the UK economy according to findings by Deloitte:


Less than 6% of working-age women are engaged in early stage entrepreneurial activity, compared to more than 10% of men. Increasing female participation in the sector to 10% would take the overall economic contribution of women-led SMEs to more than £180bn by 2025.

Deloitte say that specific help for early stage female entrepreneurs could provide a £100bn boost to the UK economy over the next ten years.



How H&H is changing the narrative:


  1. The creation of a H&H Membership programme to equip and train individuals to confidently build businesses which turn their passions to profits;

  2. The H&H Advisory service, providing knowledge transfer and business support for entrepreneurs, covering different business skills and mindset building to nuture sustainable business;

  3. Building the H&H online community to provide more opportunities, access and support to exploit business opportunities for development and scalability;

  4. Creating a safe space for learning and development at events which supports early-stage entrepreneurs start, grow and improve their businesses. 


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