Our Retail Business Support programme is for all Independent retailers who want to attract more customers, increase profits and establish a better presence on their High Street. With a record number of businesses closing down and most High Streets suffering as a result, H&H Retail Consultants work with business owners to identify opportunities for improvement and sustainable development. We provide practical strategies for growth and equip business owners with the tools and confidence needed to adapt, up-skill and provide their local community with experiences they can not get online.

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For some retailers located in the Borough of Waltham Forest or Haringey this project is fully funded by both Boroughs and therefore free of charge to those retailers. 



The needs of every business are different, so we spend time looking at what you currently have in place and then provide consultation, training and support across two key areas:




- Visual merchandising & Store Experience 

- Marketing and advertising 

- Product and Pricing strategy

- Building a database

- Sales and customer service training 


- Website development

- Building a database

- Identifying new sales channels

- Social Media training

- Converting followers into customers




STEP 1: Consultation 

We work with you to identify areas for improvement and create a plan of action 


STEP 2: Execution 

We provide you with the tools and resources needed to implement the required changes


STEP 3: Monitoring 

We help you to measure and monitor the impact of your changes to ensure you stay on track



- An understanding of changing consumer habits and how to adapt your business accordingly

- How to use what you have to attract more customers and keep existing customers coming back

- The tips and tricks needed to operate online and offline more effectively

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A detailed report and toolkit which includes:

- Clearly redefined business goals;

- An understanding of the product mix and in-store experience needed to increase sales;

- Awareness of what attracts new customers and retains your existing client base;

- Insight into how to build a customer database;

- Visual merchandising and shop layout support;

- Help to recognise and identify new or alternative sales opportunities;

- How-to guide on how to create memorable in-store customer experiences; 

- Learn how to improve your online presence;

- Social media and website development support;



It never just ends after the consultation and implementation process as we provide continued support to ensure all of our retailers stay on track and see the changes through. Small business owners will also receive;


- Bi-monthly coaching calls to discuss their progress

- Access to the HH network of small business owners

- Access to our networking and social events

- Access to our Specialists and Masterclasses



Leke, Restaurant owner, Fourteen 87

In the early stages of setting up my business I started with a good basis to work from, but I lacked the detail needed to bring my thoughts to life. The layout of the space before was a little drab, but I didn't understand how important it was to think about the cutomer expereience and nearly made some costly design decisions. HH helped me to look at the flow of the restuarant floor, even down to the table settings. I started to think like a customer and that changed quite a few things for me.

After that, I was worried that all of my customers would simply order via Deliveroo or Uber Eats, but the consultations with HH have allowed me to get customers through the door that want to have a dine in experience. I’ve introduced events to my monthly calendar which encourage people out of the house to socialise over food and drink and I now have at least 10 people in for dinner on what were before my quiet days.

I'd never had a social media presence before and never understood the importance of it, until the team at HH went through the basics with me and helped me to monitor my data and use it to promote things and also to understand what diners want. I'm seeing roughly 5 new followers each day and within around two weeks they are in for lunch or dinner. See more...

Mariacarla, Specialised grocery shop owner, The Italian Choice 

Several months ago I was visited by Jen Scott and Jay Tav from project Evolve. They clearly explained to me what the Evolve project was about and gave me useful advice and strategies, especially about advertising and social media. Since their visit, I changed the shop layout, which according to customers looks much better. I also followed the social media tips and now I expect sales will improve as a direct result of the work I've done with them.