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Post Lockdown Event Trends

By Tinique Hay, 3 min read

As restrictions of lockdown slowly begin to soften, ever changing circumstances have sparked curiosity about what new event trends post lockdown will be. Here are the top 5 event trends to think about and keep in mind post-lockdown, brought to you by Hay Events:

1. Growth of Virtual Technology

The world of virtual reality has seen a drastic increase over the last few months and so using virtual technology such as Zoom, Skype or even IG live to stay connected with family, friends and our communities, has now become the norm. This therefore proposes the question of whether there will be more of a demand for virtual events. Will there now be an expectation of implementing a virtual element to in-person events? Lastly, will venues now be expected to have virtual technology available to view spaces beforehand? These are all things to think about when planning your next event.

2. Demand for Event Sustainability

Concerns regarding climate change have been one of the major themes of 2020, and more than ever consumers post lockdown will be expecting brands and companies to develop more sustainable practices. Consumers will also expect events to be planned in a way that will have minimal environmental impact. For that reason, there are great opportunities to switch all events to digital ticketing systems as well as, online self-registration, which will help the environment and social distancing measures. However, most importantly this may be a great opportunity to consider replacing plastic bottles and cutlery with biodegradable alternatives.

3. Increase of Hybrid Events

A combination of live in-person and remote attendance options are expected going forward, which will eliminate many attendance barriers. A number of event participants may be present at a physical location, while a wider audience will attend remotely via live streaming. A hybrid event is suitable for seminars, lectures, conferences, training workshops and networking events. This new alternative event option post lockdown proposes great opportunities if you still want to incorporate an in-personal aspect to your event, though, you will need to ensure the number of face-to-face participants keeps in line with regulations in your locality.

4. Need for Smaller Events

Hosting smaller events with social distancing measures in place will start to be implemented post lockdown. More safety measures will be in place for venues to host smaller events, such as reducing room capacities, limiting the number of events taking place each day, implementing hand sanitizer points and offering complimentary PPE masks and gloves. Event organisers will also need to think about staggered event timings to decrease the amount of attendees at one given time.

5. Social Sustainability

Promoting the wellbeing of people should be at the heart of every decision that we make and every event we run as event organisers. Transparency and clear communication around health and safety will be demanded at every event moving forward. This can be communicated through your terms and conditions or through a document policy you send out to participants prior to the event.

We hope this has helped you as you begin to plan your future events but if you'd like to receive more event top tips why not follow us on Instagram here for daily updates!

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