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2. If you had to commission an artist to draw success, what would it look like?

From an early age, I've seen my life in a certain way. I had a certain vision, I began in the business from age 6 as a professional actor, and so there have been several "tipping point" moments, that have brought me to present day. When I think back the narrative of my life includes being a child actor who wanted to be known in the UK, becoming recognised and acclaimed for my work in the UK, wanting to take it to another level on the global market, Hollywood, getting to the US and establishing myself as a international, globally respected artist and then even with the goals to come. The tipping point has been making the hard decisions that require faith and courage. Leaping into the unknown, working through discomfort, and eventually winning. Until the next goal comes up (hahaha

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3. What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome to achieve what you have?

Finding the right people who have the same excessive drive, enthusiasm and vision as me. Partnership is essential to getting things done, and even when you inspire people for a moment, do they have the staying power to be consistent with their efforts? You've got to know when you're after great things in your life, so many don't want to put in the sweat and tears it takes to get there. Failure and set backs deter many people, and so for me finding the right partnerships is key. Thankfully that's happening for me now.

4. If you were given £5 million tomorrow, what would you spend it on?

Given? Or earned?.... There's a big difference (laughs). In truth I'd probably continue to do things I already do with what I'm blessed with. I'd make sound investments and take care of my family. I've never been too flashy, but I'm down for the midlife crisis in 30 years. Buy a yacht or something stupid.

5. How did you raise awareness for what you do and how do you stay relevant?

I'm a big believer in, if it's good and it resonates with people, they will come. There's no new emotion under the sun, and as a man in the storytelling business, that's my main focus. So remaining relevant is only so important, if it's good they will come. My adopted mother Kathy Bates said to me when I worked with her at 24, on the show Harry's Law, "it's about the work darling", so I've always maintained that attitude.

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