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I work as a comic and presenter, performing stand-up comedy around London and hosting live events of all sorts. I’d like to think my work inspires others to move towards their purpose. I also co-founded men’s style collective Individualism. Click here for more.

1. What do you think was the tipping point that got you to where you are?

Like most ambitious people, I’m not currently happy with where I am, and to be honest, I doubt I ever will be. The constant yearning to be more fuels my never-ending forward motion. Having said that, a big tipping point in my life that made me want to be someone was pain. I had a bad break up and felt useless. I didn’t leave my house for about a week. Once I had run out of tears and feeling sorry for myself, I promised myself that I’d never feel that way again and something changed inside of me. I got up and started devouring self-help books to re-wire my mind and it’s been non stop action since.

2. Where does the passion for what you do come from?

Many things fuel my passion but two of the biggest are knowing that I can be ANYTHING I want to be and also a sense of purpose. I finally know what I’m here to do and believe it’s my responsibility to the world to make this happen. Other things include a thirst for adventure and a better quality of life for myself and the family.

3. If you had to commission an artist to draw success, what would it look like to you?

It would look like a hot mess. There would never be a ‘destination’ to arrive at. It would be a constant line of scribble that represents a non-stop journey. Up, down, across itself - all over the place. Parts of the line would be green to represent happiness/contentment and parts would be red, representing pain/struggle. The line would be a lot greener towards the end, because by that time in most people live’s, they’d understand life a lot more and would be at peace, but always still moving forward.

4. What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome to achieve what you have?

Lacking self believe. I believe that gaining and maintaining self believe is the key to all success, be that business or personal life. SELF DOUBT KILLS EVERYTHING. Every-time I experience self doubt, I do a skills audit, to prove to myself that I’m more talented than I am sh*t. I then look back at my old work to motivate myself, read some books, watch some motivational videos and crack the f*ck on! The longer I sit in self doubt and THINK about starting, the further away I am to my next breakthrough. I’ve learnt that when I take a step forward in faith, I’m rewarded with clarity on what my next step should be.

5. How did you raise awareness for what you do and how do you stay relevant?

I decided to host as many live stages as I could while also putting out online videos. My online comedy show "UK Talk To Me" keeps me out there and brings in job enquires. I also now have an agent who is helping with the industry stuff while I focus on building my own audience and working on my craft. Also, my attempt to stay relevant is talking about current issues in all my work.

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