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Nurturing the Entrepreneur Within


A post on the Hustle and Heels, Facebook page, got me thinking about how we grow over the time as entrepreneur’s and business people. When you first start a business, you start on the existing knowledge you have and advice you get, but as time goes on, you realize you need a lot more if you are to keep your business growing and sustainable. Unfortunately, one of the areas that gets left behind is developing the entrepreneur within you, we often under estimate just how much our personal growth is linked to business growth.

The thing about entrepreneurship is that not being in a traditional work setting, means that things such as personal development, training and career growth can often take a back seat. I mean who wants another thing on that ever growing to do list. But this is not the right mindset as an entrepreneur or business person. Personal development should be at the top of the list, as you grow individually you find the more your business grows.

Entrepreneurship is something that can be and should be nurtured. It is super important that as an entrepreneur you take the responsibility to keep nurturing the entrepreneur within. I say this because when you get started in the race of business building, we get caught up doing the work of running business and all our attention is giving to growing our businesses. But there is hope, and below I am going to share three steps that you can take to keep nurturing and cultivating the entrepreneur within.

1. Mentoring – getting a mentor is one of the best things you can do when you get into business. The information and knowledge that you get from someone who has been there can help you to avoid many pitfalls, which is just priceless. There are different types of mentors, this can be someone in your industry or someone who you know has a proven track record and can point you in the right direction. For example, my mentor is a project manager, now she might not be able to help me with the nitty gritty of my skincare business, but the advice about management of my time, business and self has served me in developing The Soap Connoisseur. You can also have mentors from far off, invest in books, tapes, and workshops by leaders in your industry.

2. Networking - the good old saying “your network is your net worth” couldn’t be truer in today’s business environment. This is one of the best ways to cultivate yourself as an entrepreneur. Networking takes you out of your comfort zone to meet new people and socialise in a different way. Intentional networking, can help you make new connections, build collaborations and attract new business. For example, an interview I did last year for NOW woman chat show, was a result of attending the Hustle & Heels Networking event where I made this connection and opportunity to grow my brand. Networking also help with your confidence, as it gives you the opportunity to share what you do.

3. Training – investing in training and workshops is imperative to staying at the top of your game and delivering an excellent service to your customers. This is one of the best ways of building your knowledge and expertise and connecting with industry leaders. The more you invest in yourself and grow, the more this growth will translate into your business.

Cultivating yourself as an entrepreneur is an ongoing investment, that every business owner should commit to you. The impact on your business, when you choose to nurture the entrepreneur within you is massive and I cannot stress it enough.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I hope that it serves you as you continue your journey of building your business If you need any help cultivating the entrepreneur within you, I offer a cultivate your dream package, that focuses on building you as an entrepreneur, so you go boldly toward building the business you love.

Thank you.



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