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Hey, my name is Laila and I am a content creator & entrepreneur. You may also know me as NeffyFroFro.

1. Where does the passion for what you do come from?

My passion for creating content comes in two folds. Over the years I come to realise that Youtube is one of the most rewarding hobbies in the sense that for me, it's the perfect escape from my sometimes hectic life. At the same time, it's the perfect way to give back to the world and share my God given talent. I see it as a way to live out my purpose and live in my truth, and i'm lucky enough to be paid to do so.

2. If you had to commission an artist to draw success, what would it look like?

Oh I love this question! Hmmm I would have to say success to me looks like the circle of life or Nature. The perfect synergy- each thing created to serve the other in order to maintain balance, peace and harmony.

3. How do you bounce back and refocus when $h*T hits the fan?

Back to drawing board! It's so important to have purpose/ mission in everything you do and it has to be about more than just money, fame, etc. Whenever I feel like like saying... F*ck it! I'm done... I take some time to reflect on why a started in the first place. Additionally, there's nothing like having a circle of like minded individuals and friends around that can help you see the bigger picture. The people we keep around us is very important so choose your friends wisely.

4. If you were given £5 million tomorrow, what would you spend it on?

I would invest a substantial amount of it in tech startups (I'm huge on the future of tech) and use the remaining to launch and expand my vision for my business. Money certainly opens up a lot of doors to be explored.

5. Where will you be in 5 years and how will you ensure you achieve it?

In five years time I will have and run my own Organic Skincare brand that is stocked in various artisan shops globally. I believe that the key to achieving anything or ensuring that ones dreams come to fruition is by setting the necessary foundations and locating and building relationships with individuals that can aid your success.

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