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Why Your Personal Style is More Important than You Think

In a media saturated society that constantly emphasises and glorifies the state of one’s outward appearance over one’s character, it can be so easy to switch off in an attempt to be different or not be judged by what’s on the outside. And while I totally get it and will always be a champion of inner beauty over the skewed perceptions of outer beauty that exist in today’s world, I’ve also come to realise that they shouldn’t be in contention. But in fact, they should both reflect and complement each other.

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, we as humans are made up of mind, body and soul. Each aspect of who we truly are should be nurtured, taken care of and be reflective of one other. I believe true wholeness exists when these three elements come together and work in tandem – one should not suffer as a result of another. Statistics also teach us that while what’s on the inside does count, 55% of what forms a first impression is based on outward appearance. So ladies, let’s get our heads out of the clouds and start using this to our advantage.

First impressions are formed within seven seconds. That’s all you get, seven seconds! Before you get the opportunity to charm anyone with your witty personality and intellect, they’ve already started forming an opinion, judgement or picture of who you are in their head. Why not be intentional about your personal presentation, ensuring it works for you and not against you. How would a friend, family member or colleague describe your style in three words? Think about it. Would their description of your current style be reflective of your personality, align with who you truly are and what you’re trying to convey? If not, it’s time to get to work! Make a decision to no longer allow your personal style to detract from who you are or be an inaccurate reflection of your character, capabilities and goals.

And ladies, this goes beyond first impressions at an interview or business meeting. This includes the school run, networking events, the gym, or even drinks with the girls. Wherever you are, people are watching, analysing and making inferences based on the message your personal style is conveying. This could be the difference between getting a new job, being approached for a business opportunity or even being noticed by the cute guy at the bar! Whatever it is and whatever scenario you find yourself in, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward at all times. Does this mean dressing in glitter and glam each day of the week? No! It simply means finding a style that works for you. One that flatters your body shape, natural tones and unique personality. One that makes you feel comfortable, confident and empowered.

As I always say… Look good, feel good, flourish!

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