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It has been nearly 2 years since I had this big idea of developing a brand that targeted an under represented market in the aesthetics industry. My name is Tabitha Coker I am the owner of Lush Brow Bar, which is a semi-permanent makeup studio that specialises in Black and Asian skin.

I had visions of becoming the only name people think of when they think of brows and so I decided to start Lush Brow Bar but there was one big problem: how do I start? Where do I start?

I already had a few clients at the time as I was doing brows as a side hustle but it simply wasn't enough; I wanted it to be more than a side hustle: I wanted it to be a career. I also wanted to break free from the monotony of a 9 to 5 that made me feel trapped.

I set on my journey as an entrepreneur, but little did I know that this journey would break me before it made me. I went on to social media and looked at companies and brands that I admired for inspiration and guidance. After hours of searching through the internet I started to write a plan and began setting milestones for the business. This was my guide and I didn't let anyone influence or change my journey. I kept my cards close to my chest and still do. Being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely journey at times and the hardest part is to keep going when you feel like you have nothing left to give. However, you get to appoint of feeling like it is definitely worth it and there is no greater feeling than working for something that belongs to you and no one else. I get asked a lot what would be my advice to someone starting a business - I am flattered by this question because I still consider myself a start-up, but nevertheless I have jotted down five points that I hope will help anyone starting out in business:

  1. Find something that you are passionate about. That passion will keep you going on those early mornings and late evenings and when you feel like giving up.

  2. Research. Research your area of business whatever field you choose to embark on. I feel that knowledge is key and you need to know the ins and outs of that industry.

  3. Utilise social media. We live in generation where you have access to around 3.2 billion people at the touch of button. Most people use this tool to access services, events, products and much more. When used well it could be a major asset for your business.

  4. Grow your business slowly. The key is to maximise profit and I feel a lot of people are in a rush to get to a certain level in a short period of time. It takes patience and hard work. The key to a successful business is profit, not how many likes you have on social media. The question you should ask yourself is: will that business idea make a lasting profit?

  5. Master your craft. I am constantly enhancing my skills and I keep learning and striving to be the best. My motto is to never get comfortable enough to feel you have no room for growth.

Artwork by previous Hustle & Heels networking lunch speaker Peniel Enchill. Click here for more from Peniel.

I am nowhere near where I want to be with Lush Brow; I am still growing and learning every day but I hope you get something out of this. I wish you all the success and remember, starting is the most important part. Do not let fear stop you from fulfilling your full potential.


Since writing this blog piece, Tabitha has expanded her business, moved to new premises and grown as a business woman. Her advice still stands and rings true today as we see more and more businesses birthed out of the pandemic.

Tabitha is now located in:

13 Frances Street



SE18 5EF


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