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1. Where does the passion for what you do come from?

I would love to give a cool story of where it comes from but to be honest, for as long as I can remember I've wanted to make women feel beautiful and good about themselves so I'd say my passion comes from my heart. Cheesy but true! LOL. I feel like my job is not only about the makeup but its also a time for me to spread love and positivity.

2. How do you bounce back and refocus when $h*T hits the fan?

The way I bounce back is by refocusing, writing my plans down and looking back at the previous plans. Most importantly I check myself and ask "why has sh*t hit the fan? what happened? why do I feel like this?" and I keep going. As long as I have life and I haven't reached my goal, I must keep going. I brush my shoulders off wipe my tears if need be and keep it moving.

3. How did you raise awareness for what you do and how do you stay relevant?

I keep it quite simple, I be me, I network a whole lot and keep my audence up to date with the new makeup and skincare launches, keeping them in the loop in the super fast paced beauty industry.

4. Who do you look up to?

This is kinda hard because I have a few artists that I look up too but I will go with Pat McGrath

5. Where will you be in 5 years and how will you ensure you achieve it?

In 5 years time I will continue to make women feel good about themselves through art, travel the world doing masterclasses and encouraging young people to be the best version of themselves spreading as much love and positivity as I can.

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