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By Andrea Brann, 2 min read

Lots of people started this year speaking about having 2020 vision for the New Year, but not even they could have seen 2020 playing out like it has. No-one could have predicted that 2020 would have been like this and it has left many saying, “2020 is cancelled”. But it’s not!

2020 can still be your year to start a new business, it can still be your year to lose weight and it can still be your year to gain a new skill. Whatever your goals for 2020 were, they are still possible.


A lot can happen in 4 months when you really put your mind to it – and that is all you have to do to still make 2020 your year – change your mindset! If we think that nothing can be achieved in the next 4 months because of countries being in lockdown then you best believe nothing will be achieved.

BUT if you harness the mindset that, “even whilst the world is upside down, I’m going to set and commit to my goals” you will leave 2020 with a great sense of accomplishment.


You may have started 2020 with clear and specific goals for your business, and/or for yourself, but due to global disruptions you have been unable to complete them. That is fine!

I had to re-jig my goals a bit mid-lockdown because some would have just been impossible, but I also knew that with more people being at home, new opportunities would arise, meaning new goals. You may find that some of your goals are no longer applicable so you might have to put them on the back burner, or you just have to make your goals more lockdown friendly.


Whether it is that you are reevaluating your 2020 goals or creating completely new ones, do not lose hope in your ability to accomplish a great deal in the remainder of 2020.

Take advantage of all the free and discounted online resources out there to help you conquer your goals, and you really will surprise yourself with how much you have accomplished going into 2021.

See how I am getting on with making the rest of 2020 count over on my Instagram page @IAmAndreaJoyful


Andrea, based in Antigua, is known as the joy activist and she is on a mission to share joy with others by encouraging a joy-filled mindset. See below on how the H&H Marketing Masterclass helped move Andrea along in her business journey.


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